Start of the crowdfunding campaign 1bank4all

In February, our first crowdfunding campaign on ecocrowd ( – a platform for sustainable projects - will begin. Our objective: We want to show you (and everyone who supports us) the first demo version of our future 1bank4all platform for which our technology group has to put a lot of effort in. The requirements of the demo version need to be defined and aligned with our data centre. The details of the software configuration have to be determined and naturally need to be tested as well. According to our planning, we will present the platform on our 3rd seminar on 20th/21st March 2017 for the first time. The participants of the seminar will be the first to have a look at our bank counters. On 1st June, we will grant access to everyone who has participated in the crowdfunding campaign.

What does the term crowdfunding actually mean? Crowdfunding is a means of project financing and as simple as it is ingenious: As project initiators, we set our financing goal. People who like the project can help with a donation – no matter how large or small – to reach it. We would appreciate if you would invite your friends and support us on our way to found a fair and sustainable bank for everyone. We will inform you as soon as our crowdfunding campaign has started.

Secret Tip: We personally think that the reward "free Banking Services for a lifetime" is absolutely amazing. Agreed, we are talking about an investment that will benefit young people first and foremost! You could also ask your uncles and aunts if they would like to help as well. Please do not forget to ask your grandma or your grandpa if they would like to help you to invest in this especially attractive reward. However be aware: For now, we will JUST give out 40 of these rewards so you should start as soon as possible to give those dear to you enough time to think about it!